Words Left Unspoken: Healing the Heart through Understanding, Compassion, and Love 

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THIS IS NOT A FREE READING. This is a training where you will learn:

  • Death is NOT final- depending on your religious beliefs, your upbringing, your experiences with death you may have beliefs systems that are limiting, invoke powerlessness, punishment, finality, or even fear. You may believe in a punishing GOD, karma, destiny, Divine timing etc. They may be your current truths but if they are not serving you or your healing process you may want to consider trading them in for a more supportive perspective.
  • Communicating with the Dearly Departed is NOT wrong or unchristian like- After a spiritual experience of crossing over into the Light, I received an important message regarding communication with Loved ones who had passed. I was told three very important things about my gift as a Medium that were life changing for me given that I had grown up in a strong Italian Catholic family. Watch the video to find out what they are!
  • The grieving process does NOT have to last forever- for most people the grieving process feels like it will last forever. The truth is that the grieving process depends on your belief system as well as your support system. If you go at it alone you will run the risk of spinning into a deep depression that will steal your life. If you utilize the resources available, have love and compassion for yourself, invoke the spirit of your dearly departed loved one so you can connect and receiving loving messages from them, and give yourself time and space to heal, your journey will be so much easier, lighter, and peaceful. 

If you are tired of hurting and want to learn how to have a direct connection with the one you so desperately miss, click the button below to reserve your seat for insights, encouragement and healing.

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Welcome, my name is Shawn Thompson.  I am a Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive and gifted Psychic Medium.  I hold a Bachelors's degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University, a Masters in Counseling from St. Mary's University, and a Doctorate in Divinity from Universal Life Church.  I have been in private practice for 21 years and I am the owner of Inner Healing as well as the Vice President of Ft. Collins Holistic Chamber of Commerce.  I am located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Estes Park, Colorado.

I have learned many lessons from life, clients, and Spirit during my journey.  One truth that I can ALWAYS come back to is.... God shows up as soon as you surrender and not a moment sooner.  I have been blessed with many experiences that continuously teach me patience, humility, trust, forgiveness, faith, and surrender.  I hold myself to every request that I would ask of my clients.

During a very difficult and transitional period in my life, I was granted a spiritual experience that blessed me with knowing truths about God and Love.  I was gifted with information and knowledge beyond what our human minds remember of where we all come from.  I was shown spiritual truths that provide comfort and reassurance that we are on the right path in our journey of life.  I was told to share this information with others who are seeking further knowledge and personal growth.

Although I may stand apart from others based on my credentials and experiences, I am no different than any one of you reading this.  It is my "soul" purpose to provide you with information, inspiration, and insight into the understanding that "We are all One" and do my best to provide loving guidance from our Higher Source.  Building and strengthening the core of Humanity is my goal and service in life.

Shawn Thompson B.S., M.A.,

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