LIVE Virtual Event! Only $47 (reg.$297)

May 16-18 2022 (Mon/Tues/Wed)

6pm- 7pm MST each day

LIVE with Shawn Thompson


You're invited to...



I will teach you how to...

  • Identify what is holding you back from loving, laughing, and living your best life imaginable.
  • Learn the secret language of the Spirit world and how to communicate with your Loved Ones and Guides for insight and wisdom.
  • Manifest miracles and receive signs from your Loved ones and Earn Your Wings to fly side by side with them forever!


  • You have lost a loved one and you are struggling to move forward in life
  • You are looking to connect with your loved ones in spirit to receive loving messages of support and guidance
  • You are healing through the grieving process so that you can move into acceptance
  • You believe in the Afterlife and want to have an extended relationship with those in Heaven
  • You are seeking guidance and support from your loved ones in Heaven but don’t know how to communicate with them
  • You are wanting to heal and reinvest back into your life with your loved ones by your side
  • You are ready to invest in yourself and remember your loved ones for the life they lived not the story of their death
  • You are ready to take your power back and live a purpose driven life
  • You are ready to let go of the pain and heartache which is keeping you from living life and connecting with your loved ones in spirit

Earn Your Wings!

3 Day LIVE Virtual Event! Only $47 (reg.$297)

May 16-18 2022 (Mon/Tues/Wed)

6pm- 7pm MST each day

Hosted By Shawn Thompson

What You Can Expect...



Reality Check: What’s Holding You Back?



The Afterlife: Asking Your Loved Ones For Help


Manifesting Miracles:

Earn Your Wings

Shawn Thompson, B.S., M.A.

Spiritual Counselor Psychic Medium

Shawn Thompson holds a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Master's in Counseling and a Doctor of Divinity from ULC.  She was a licensed Counselor in private practice for over 20 years and is the owner of a Spiritual Sanctuary called Inner Healing.  She is an Intuitive Healer, a Spiritual Counselor, and a renowned Psychic Medium.  Although her study has been in two very different modalities of counseling and spiritual development, they hold similar intentions: to promote and assist with one's understanding of self and higher purpose in life.  She has been helping others connect with Loved ones who have passed, channeling messages from Spirit, teaching spiritual development, and supporting individuals through Spiritual Counseling & Guidance for over 2 decades.

What You Will Receive Along Your Journey To Earning Your Wings!

Is 2022 the year to finally start the healing journey of the heart? Finally ready to move from grief to relief after losing a Loved One and Earn Your Wings to fly side by side with them?

Healing the Heart after loss IS possible! Moving forward in your life is what your Loved ones wish for you! Their physical form is gone, but they are still very much connected to you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The healing comes from knowing they are still around, learning how to communicate with them through a new language, and allowing them to remain a part of your forward movement on the healing journey. The miracle happens when you say YES and give yourself permission to live again.

I'm excited to spend 3 powerful days with you in hope that you begin to move from grief to relief and truly start living again! Look at what you have to look forward to...

Healing * Community * Reassurance * Empowerment * Hope

Relief * Comfort * Validation * Peace

The First 50 Guests Will Receive An Additional Bonus

"Earn Your Wings Starter Kit"

Kit Includes:

1. FREE: An Intimate Conversation Across the Veil on Death, Dying, & The Afterlife ($27 value)

2. FREE: 30 min consultation with the renowned Psychic Medium Shawn Thompson ($175 value)

3. FREE: Seven Step Guide to Healing the Heart After Losing a Loved One ($37 value)

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How much does it cost?

This 3 day event is only $47! (reg. $297)

How do I know it's for me?

Have you lost a Loved one and you are still struggling with grief or you want to move forward but just don't know how? Then it's for you. We've seen our guests make transformational changes within just 3 days that counseling alone has not been able to offer.  

Do I have to attend the whole event?

If you want to transform your life, feel better, learn how to connect with your Loved ones, and receive miracles in your life… then YES! If you want to receive all the free goodies, special offers, discounts, and giveaways throughout the challenge then YES you do have to attend all three days. This challenge was designed for you to shift the narrative of your story so that you can live a happy life moving forward which is what your loved ones want for you. I know personal and spiritual growth is hard and loss is usually a catalyst for that growth to occur. You have to be willing to love yourself enough and commit to your own well-being if you want to feel better. This 3 day event is a step in the right direction for you to find your smile again and you are 100% worth it.

Am I obligated to purchase anything for attending the event?

No. This event is to help you learn how to connect with your loved ones in spirit, realize that there is life after death, and hopefully find your smile again. There will be offers and deep discounts on services that can help you move forward if you are struggling, however, you are not obligated to take advantage of any of them. There will be an opportunity to work with Shawn Thompson one on one or in a group setting if you choose to do so (as many have and transformed their lives because of it) but you will not feel pressured to make a purchase. Shawn Thompson believes that everyone is on their own journey and she is only willing to work with those who are ready to do the work.  

How will this experience help me?

Shawn Thompson is a Spiritual Counselor and Psychic Medium with a background in Psychology/Counseling/Divinity. She has spent the last 25 years helping men and women just like you heal, grow and transform their lives from loss, depression, abuse, etc. You will gain insight, education, and hope from her words of wisdom, years of education, personal experience, and the thousands of readings she has done for others. Her ability to bring comfort, peace, understanding, and healing to the grieving heart is invaluable. The opportunity you have to help yourself is priceless!

Will I have to participate in front of people?

You will not have to share your feelings, thoughts or experiences if you do not want to. We encourage you to ask questions and participate as much as you like so that you can connect with others and give/offer support within a community.  There will be exercises for you to complete but they are for your own growth and development. Privacy is respected.

What kind of goodies will be given away during the event?

We will be giving away free goodies such as:

1. Copies of my E-Book Permission to Live Again: Life After Death ($27)

2. A scholarship into the Words Left Unspoken 90 day program Program ($3850 value)

3. Free access to Mediumship Unveiled Course ($297 value)

and more...

You must stay for the full event to receive your goodies!  

Don't Miss Out On A Chance To Earn Your Wings!

Fly Side By Side With Your Loved One In Spirit.

Earn Your Wings Today.

Give Yourself Permission To Live, Laugh, and Love Again.